Selling the House at the Right Time

When to Sell the House

You are moving to another state for a promotion or a new job. You and your partner are going through a divorce. You can no longer pay the monthly mortgage. These are three possible reasons why you want to sell the house, now. Then there are some who sell their house to have some cash quickly. Well it is not always the case, as it is not an overnight process to get the house sold immediately. So when someone asks for the right time to sell the house, there is really no right answer to that because it depends on the property owner’s decision and situation.

“For those who are investing in real estate and growing their profit by selling properties,” says managing partner at Dallas Fast House Buyer, Jerry Cameron, “they consider various factors before selling a house.” They believe there is a right season and time where there is a high chance to have a successful house sale. Real estate agents are known to be experts in the field of property buying and selling. This is due to their expertise in analyzing the right selling price, studying the market trends, and being patient with the timing.

Spring – the season when the flowers are in full bloom is considered to be the optimum season for real estate market, especially selling. Majority of homeowners spend their time at home and relaxing. There aren’t much holidays and celebrations during this time too. Imagine walking into a property with a garden and beautiful landscape. The sun is shining and everything about the property is fresh and bright. The nature seems to be working together with the seller in convincing the buyer.

Autumn – the weather is still good, though the leaves start to fall but don’t take it as a sign of an unsuccessful house sale. There are no major holidays during fall, and many families are still spending their time in their homes and work. When you are selling a property during autumn and if a buyer has taken interest in it, be prepared process everything quickly. The following months can get slow for the market, and it might affect the deal with the interested buyer.

Summer – it is not the best time. Do you want to go house hunting during summer? Not everyone does, so you will not likely find interested home buyers. Most of them are on the beach or snowboarding in the mountains. Make this time to prepare your property and the requirements needed for the sale.

Winter – a difficult time and never even try to do so. Don’t compete with the Christmas rush. Do not expect to buy gifts from selling your home, because you might not receive any call from buyers. However, you can prepare the property and put on sale by January. By then, many people look forward to what they can do for the new year.

Remember, each house is different, each neighborhood is different. Thus, the myths about the best time to sell a house depend on you if you believe it. There is nothing wrong if you follow it. If you are moving out by winter, you could wait for spring before listing the property in the market. Of course, you should consider what works best for you especially if you want to recoup the amount you invested in buying the property.